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Covid 19 restrictions hit your business hard. You received the PPP and kept your employees; you stayed in compliance. Are you ready to be rewarded?

What Is The ERC?

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Employee Retention Credit (ERC) was created as a reward and a relief for businesses which kept their employees during the hardship of the Covid 19, due to Federal, State and City mandates; and to help the business come back stronger than before.

Get up to $26,000 per employee with the ERC Tax Credits

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If in the last two years you did some modification in the way you did business due to capacity limits, reduction of business hours, social distancing, supply chain issues, postponing projects or other kinds of pandemic hardships you may can qualify for the ERC.

The ERC had changes

In 2020 employers had the option of either the PPP or the ERC. Many businesses where not able to qualify for the ERC due to strict revenue requirements combined with employee counts. Congress recognized the need for changes to address these issues with the CAA.ACT and the ARPA.ACT.

ERC had significant updates. Now the ERC is available for any business which did receive the PPP or didn’t receive the PPP.  

Don’t disqualify your business with misinformation or lack of information related to the updates.  


If you don’t know about it, you can’t take advantage

This Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Now is available to essential and non-essential businesses in any industry which experienced hardship due to Federal, State or City regulations, even if they did not have revenue decline and/or they received the PPP. And it is based on qualified wages and healthcare paid to employees

Dental Practice

 LLC – 1 shareholders – 7 employees
$195,000 Local
Incentives realized


Manufacturing Company

 S Corp – 2 shareholders – 11 employees
$146,000 Local
Incentives realized


Regulations impacted your business in different ways
and may be overlooked

24x7 Access

Shortened hours of operations

Conference Room​

Social distancing


Placed barriers indoors

Gigabit Internet​

Reconfigured floor space


Took appointments only instead of walk-in.

Week's Supplies​

Experience supply chain disruption of essential supplies

Flexible Work Space​

Modified business operation

Mail Delivery​

Shifted hours to increase sanitation of the facility

Pet Friendly​

Required limited customer access

Flexible Work Space​

Regulated cleaning and disinfecting

Mail Delivery​

Shifted work schedules

Pet Friendly​

Face coverings or other protected gear

Flexible Work Space​

Remote Work

Mail Delivery​

Partial shutdowns

Pet Friendly​

Full shutdowns

Easy to Get Started

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If you don’t know about it, you can’t take advantage!