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We believe businesses need resources to overcome challenges. Reward your business with a government stimulus you don’t pay back and recover money you already paid.

Now You can put your Business in a Place to Grow

Fortune 500 companies don’t miss stimulus opportunities, because they have a team of Staff CPA’s and Tax Attorneys. This team takes advantage of tax credits.

Now! the small and medium size companies have access to the same kind of team of professionals.  

Bisincentives with highly experienced team of professional CPAs, Tax Attorneys and Tech Specialists who have streamlined the process with technology and more, to make a difference for your business.

Get up to $26,000 per employee with the ERC Tax Credits

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If in the last two years you did some modification in the way you do business due to capacity limits, reduce of business hours, social distance, supply chain issues, postpone projects or other kind of pandemic hardship

Get $1000’s for the last 3 years with the R&D Tax Credits

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if you’re or making new or custom product, improving process, formula, or software, making and incurring expenses for wages, contractors, or supplies related to that work, then chances are you’ve done the hard part, and now you need the credits you deserve

Recover $1000’S For 3 To 4 Years with The Utilities Refund

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Are you starting to question the rise in utilities? As the utilities go up, so are errors and overcharges. If 80% of businesses have errors and overcharges, you can take advantage of a forensic audit and get a refund and be assured your utility bills are correct.

Why Us?

We concentrate our efforts on the best opportunities to obtain the highest rewards for your companies bottom-line. The gateway to reward your business to continuing growing and hire the best on US soil 


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Our world-class team of experts has the knowledge and experience when it comes to Tax Credits, accounting, R&D studies, startups, and technology. And has helped thousands of companies in claiming millions of dollars in tax credits. 

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Trustworthy And Professional Team of Experts. 


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SaaS-based application to collect your company’s R&D activities. Self-guided and time efficient with credible support from tax professionals

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Driven Solution Simplifies the Process, Maximizes your Benefits

Documented And Secure

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Our team provide clear, easy-to-understand reports required by the IRS and verified by our expert tax credit professionals.

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Secure, Encrypted Environment for Housing Data and Documentation 

Pricing That Fits

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Pricing to fit your business that reflects the efficiencies of our process 

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Cost Effective with Fully Compliant

What our clients are saying

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I didn’t know about Tax Incentives and knew I didn’t qualify. They explained everything in a clear concise manner asked a lot of questions and showed me how I qualified. I received the money and am now expanding.

It Software & Development

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It was great working with them and showing me how I qualified. It was painless and thorough and made my plans for the future a reality.

Eye Care Vision Centers

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It was a pleasure to work and learn with them about incentives that are not commonly known by the public. Best of all we received a monetary incentive from the government that will help boost the growth of our business and make it stronger

Pediatric Dentistry

If you don’t know about it, you can’t take advantage!